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Wild Turkey American Honey
Wild Turkey American Honey

Wild Turkey American Honey

With a distinctly modern twist, Wild Turkey American Honey blends a long history to create an incredibly smooth liqueur with a “sweet kick.”

The earliest formula came from the distillery at Wild Turkey and dated back to the 1970s. Created by Jimmy Russell, who was always aware that American straight whiskeys have rich, powerful flavors that complement a wide range of fruits and spices while remaining strong and sweet.

The fathers you adore, connoisseurs, collectors, and closest friends are the people who should enjoy the Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur.

Never hesitate to get this liqueur as a gift for friends and family if you still need to shop. With its honey-sweet undertones, the whiskey blend is exceedingly delicate and entices the palette. Based in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey is an American firm that was founded in 1941.

In 1976, Jimmy Russell created the first recipe for honey-flavored bourbon, which was then sold under the Wild Turkey Honey Liqueur brand. Rebranded in 2006, American Honey is the perfect marriage of pure honey and Wild Turkey Bourbon.

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