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Buy William Rare Larue Weller
Buy William Rare Larue Weller

Buy William Rare Larue Weller

Buy  William Rare Larue Weller at The Whisky Rebel Design LLC, William Rare William Larue Weller, who served in the Louisville Brigade during the Mexican-American War, went back to his hometown of Kentucky. His grandfather, Daniel Weller, bought a distillery in Nelson County in 1800.

His family had contributed to the settlement of Kentucky in the late 1700s. (Daniel Weller’s estate was inventoried upon his death, and several dry kegs, two stills, one mash kettle, and three whiskey barrels were reported to be there.)

After the war, W.L. Weller returned to Kentucky and started working at his grandfather’s distillery, where he was employed by the family firm. With a great sense of business and a sharp taste, Weller created the first-ever bourbon in 1849, using wheat as the secondary grain rather than rye.

Compared to bourbons that employ rye as their secondary grain, wheated bourbons—such as Pappy Van Winkle and Larceny Bourbon, which finally mimicked W.L. Weller’s mashbill—have a softer, more mild flavor profile and a slightly sweeter taste.

Antebellum America loved Weller’s Bourbon so much that he was eventually forced to affix a green fingerprint as a certificate of authenticity to his invoices and barrels.

“Craft Your Perfect Bourbon” is a creative promotion that Buffalo Trace Distillery started in 2015. It invites whiskey enthusiasts to customize every aspect of their perfect whiskey, including the formula, proof, age, and warehouse location. The outcome?

This wheated eight-year Weller, which has captured the hearts of bourbon connoisseurs worldwide, was chosen by more than 100,000 Buffalo Trace supporters through voting.

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