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Buy Macallan Concept Number Whiskey 1
Buy Macallan Concept Number Whiskey 1

Buy Macallan Concept Number Whiskey 1

a limited-edition series honoring visionaries around the globe who dared to revolutionize the whisky-making process. Concept Number 1 uses cutting-edge production methods and is influenced by surrealist art.

The Macallan Concept Number 1, the first in the series, honors visionaries around the world for daring to upend the traditional whisky-making process.

The Macallan Concept Number 1, available exclusively in travel retail stores worldwide, is a novel and exciting single malt that combines inventive production methods with fantastical art inspiration.

This single malt is made to investigate maturation more creatively, starting with whiskies that were matured for a similar amount of time in ex-bourbon casks after they had initially matured in sherry-seasoned oak barrels.

The expertise and know-how required to craft this striking and remarkable single malt exemplifies The Macallan’s commitment to striving for perfection and providing novel experiences. It also showcases The Macallan’s unparalleled dedication to the mastery of wood and spirit, for which it has been renowned since its founding in 1824.

Label 1 of The Macallan Concept Number 1 Single Malt Scotch Whisky


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